Behind the Lines: Secrets that Casino Dealers Wish They Could Tell You

Behind the Lines: Secrets that Casino Dealers Wish They Could Tell You

Casino dealers are at the very forefront of a lot of other people’s gambling experiences. Of course they would know things about the good and bad of gambling that they wish they could tell gamblers. They are pretty much the patient and often long suffering guardians of different games. It just so happens that several of the writers in our team held long jobs as casino dealers!

Of course we just had to pick their brains about secrets that they wish they could tell their patrons. We rounded up several just for you.


“No, dealers cannot sweeten the deal”

A lot of patrons, mostly the inebriated or truly desperate ones, will try to cajole the dealer into trying to better the winnings or help them make more money. First off, that would be completely illegal. Secondly, it would immediately cost the dealer their job and any chance of working at a casino ever again.

Unlike what most people believe about casino workers (it being a transient job), the field has a zero tolerance policy for fraudulent behavior. If any dealer has been accused and proven to have joined in fraudulent behavior, they are immediately blacklisted from any respectable gambling establishment.


“Yes, that last round of drinks was a very bad idea”

A lot of casinos actually cannot serve alcoholic beverages to their patrons. However, there are casinos that do and are quite lax about patrons bringing in their own drinks. Gambling and intoxication simply do not mix no matter how much you try to spin it.


“No, dealers cannot give you tips”

It is actually against casino rules and policy for dealers to provide tips that may influence the decisions of the players. After all, can you imagine the lawsuits that could stem from that? “My dealer told me thusly and therefore I lost this much.”

Have a heart and only gamble when you are 100% certain that you are ready to put your money on the line. Also, it would be vastly important if you actually knew what you were supposed to be doing. That way, you do not feel the need to ask your dealer to give you tips on how to win or beat the other guy on the table.

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To Conclude

Casino dealers are just regular people that have been tasked to be responsible for fair play and proper flow of the game they preside over. A lot of patrons tend to take their dealers for granted. Always remember the next time that you play at a casino to afford proper respect for their dealer. These guys work super hard and the least that we can do is to give them the rightful tips and distance that they need.

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