a1 - About UsWelcome to Chicago Sol! We are going to be the best friend of every gambler that is just starting their journey and the hardened experts that need reminding why they love this pretty amazing craft!


What is Chicago Sol?

Chicago Sol is a resource website that specializes in putting together information that focuses on helping readers grow and rekindle their affair with gambling. We believe that gambling is always an activity that can bring about pretty special experiences as long as everything is handled appropriately and responsibly.


Who is Chicago Sol?

As this website is dedicated to providing useful information for gamblers, it would be important to know who is providing you with this information. The name is Timothy Jones and I work on this site with a pretty special team of writers. We all carry with us a love for gambling that we want to share with others. We all want to make the community of gambling to be a more positive one and this is our effort at making it so.

We all hope that you continue to join us as we publish a variety of articles that is born out of our extensive research and personal experiences.